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Discount 10% Off (TBE)
Discount 15% Off (Mozlock)

Mozlock Fan

Meliputi Semua Jenis, 100w Sampai 1300w
+5% Discount Dengan Pembelian Min. 4 Unit untuk TBE Power Inverter
+10% Discount Dengan Pembelian Min. 4 unit Untuk Mozlock Fan

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TBE - Power Inverter
DC to AC

Banyak Kerjaan dirumah, tapi mati lampu?
Batre laptop habis di jalan?
Batre Hp abis dijalan?
Mau nonton tv tapi mati lampu?
atau mau nyalain ac waktu mati lampu?

Alat perubah Arus DC menjadi AC berdaya 100 s/d 1300W ini sangat berguna saat mati lampu / darurat untuk menghidupkan TV, Komputer, Radio, Kipas Angin, Charging, dll.

Instalasi sangat mudah dengan hanya menghubungkan alat ini ke car plug / lighter mobil atau akumulator accu mobil, pasang alat ini dan hidupkan mesin mobil anda.

Mengkonversikan Arus DC menjadi Arus AC220V

Alat untuk mengubah listrik DC 12V menjadi AC 220V/50 Hz. Peralatan ini dirancang untuk menggunakan peralatan-peralatan listrik di dalam mobil. Sangat cocok untuk offroad, boating, touring, caravan, rekreasi, dll. Tinggal dicolokkan pada soket rokok di mobil. Contoh Aplikasi : Laptop, VCD/DVD, MP3 player, Mesin fax, Printer, lampu neon, TV, Kipas Angin, pompa Air, bahkan Ac skalipun gan.
Keistimewaan :   

1. LED Indikator ON, untuk mengetahui alat ini bekerja.
2. Memutuskan hubungan baterai jika sudah lemah sehingga tidak terkuras habis.
3. Inverter otomatis padam jika kelebihan beban / Hubungan singkat pada output.
4. Praktis, tinggal colok ke soket rokok di mobil.
5. IEEE Approved, ISO 9001, CE Certified

Inverter diatas 300w, tidak bisa dicolok ke lighter plug mobil lagi gan, harus dihubungkan ke accu / battre 12v gann.. 
Harga :
* 100w = 185.000 IDR
* 120w = 195.000 IDR
* 150w = 215.000 IDR
* 200w = 275.000 IDR
* 250w = 290.000 IDR
* 300w = 305.000 IDR
* 500w = 335.000 IDR
* 660w = 350.000 IDR
* 700w = 365.000 IDR
* 1200w = 575.000 IDR
* 1300w = 620.000 IDR
(Selain yang tercantum di atas, stok kosong)

Ketentuan Garansi:

  • Lama garansi barang sesuai perjanjian atau 1 tahun
  • Garansi berlaku bila segel Distributor tidak rusak/hilang
  • Garansi berlaku bila barang dalam kondisi tidak cacat (misal: pecah, retak,terbakar)
  • Garansi berlaku sejak barang di terima pembeli (bagi yg luar kota/pulau)
  • Semua biaya ongkos kirim di tanggung oleh pembeli
  • Garansi service, bukan di tukar baru


MozLock Fan
Multi Fungsi :

* Sebagai pembasmi nyamuk
* Sebagai kipas angin mini
* Sebagai lampu tidur
* Dapat juga sebagai pajangan / hiasan

Cara Kerjanya :

Alat ini dilengkapi dengan lampu neon yang dapat merangsang nyamuk untuk mendekatinya. Setelah nyamuk mendekatinya, maka kipas akan menariknya masuk & nyamuk akan mati karena tersengat oleh tegangan listrik rendah yang berada pada sistem Electric Fan ini.

Spesifikasi :

* Voltase : 220 V
* Daya listrik : 4 Watt
* Frequency : 50 Hz
* Dimensi : 17.9 Cm X 14 Cm X 27.5 Cm

175.000 IDR

Pingguin Biru Tua

 Burung Hantu Merah

Kodok Hijau

Bebek Biru

Pingguin Biru Muda

 Ayam Kuning

 Kucing Kuning

Kucing Biru

 Bebek Kuning
Burung Hantu Biru

 Tapir Pink

Sabtu, 18 Desember 2010

BlackBerry Torch

BlackBerry Torch 9800

Kondisi :
Baru (SEGEL)
Garansi : Wii Shop (ambasador)

Logitech v470 Cordless

Logitech Cordless V470
Rp. 400.000

G&P GP507a / GP872

G&P R12 Rechargeable
Rp. 1.700.000

G&P MCE 10W LED Tactical Light
Rp. 2.850.000

For Review click

GP 680

G&P Scorpion Series ( Tough Warrior ) GP680

All new G&P Scorpion Series Flashlight presented by airsoftshooting
Revolutionary Flashlight System which create a bright white illumination under dark crevices
Easy to use Toggle Switch allow instant On/Off
Equipped with a High Density Discharge (HID) Lamp Assembly
Large lamp housing provide longer effective range
G&P is so consideration and even put a QD sling hook installed in the handle
In order to make you easy to carry, a elastic bungee carry sling is provided
This Flashlight can provide 3500 LUMENS of brightness
Nobody can sneak through the lamp when it is ON because of SUPER BRIGHT LIGHT
Nicely Built-In 11.1V 4400mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
Under normal usage condition, a full charge can provide 85min of lumination
Universal (100V-240V) Charger Adaptor Included
The entire unit is construction of tough aluminum material
The lighting system is stored nicely in a super rigid solid carry case

SKU     :    GP680
Item Weight (gram)     :    2100
Major Color     :    Olive Drab
Length     :    225mm
Flashlight Type     :    Special Ops Lights
Lamp Type     :    HID
Lamp Voltage     :    35W
Runtime     :    85 minutes
Flashlight Power     :    Rechargeable Built-In
Battery Cell Size     :    Custom Type
Built Material     :    Rugged Aero Aluminum Alloy Body
Manufacturer     :    G&P

Package Includes    

    * G&P 35W HID Spotlight
    * 3500 Lumens HID Lamp Assembly
    * Universal Charger (110v - 220v)
    * Tactical Carry Sling
    * Heavy Duty Hard Solid Carry Case

Rp. 8.500.000

Minggu, 12 Desember 2010

G&P Scorpion Series R500

The G&P Scorpion, made in Hong Kong, is a rechargeable 500 Lumen (advertised) high intensity flashlight. What really makes this flashlight unique is the charging method - you plug the charger directly into the flashlight! Apparently the folks at G&P are really into airsoft guns, and it states on the package that this light is for use with airsoft toy guns only.
Body: The body is anodized aluminum. I can't be sure if it's type II or type III, but reports are that it is probably type II. Below the head are some cooling fins, beneath that is a flange followed by a square area with the mfgr's logo, and then a round portion followed by the tailcap switch. Overall machining seems to be excellent. Likewise for fit and finish.
Bezel/Head: The head of the light is quite large in diameter relative to the rest of the light. I believe the lens is plastic, but the reflector is metal and is textured to smooth out the beam. The bulb assembly is screwed in to the reflector from behind, so no worries about the bulb separating and dropping into the reflector. The bezel is crenelated, so you can see if you left the light on when you set it face down.
Output: This thing is bright! It may not quite be up to the 500 Lumens that the manufacturer advertises, but it is a scorcher. My numbers, which may be off by a bit, show closer to 400 Lumens at start. The light beam is the typical incandescent "white" with a strong yellowish presence.
Beam at one meter at target center and at target edge to show spillbeam.
Runtime Plot: The lithium-ion cell inside does a pretty good job of maintaining the high output of the light. It drops to about 50% starting output in 46 minutes, which is a little shy of the 1 hour that many have come to expect from a tactical light.

Switch: The switch is the tailcap, and it's big and chunky. No fumbling here! Twist for constant on, press for momentary.
Seals / Water Resistance: There are O-ring seals in all the right places, so it should be splashable at a minimum.
If it gets wet inside, just disassemble as much a possible without tools and let it dry before using again.
Ergonomics: Balance is good for normal use, but it is a little awkward to hold in the "tactical" position due to the weight of the front of the light. Operation is very easy and simple.
Size compared to a common 2AA aluminum light
Batteries: Inside the light is a 2200 mAh Li-ion rechargeable cell. To charge it, look for the ring below the head that says "DC in".
Grasp that ring and give it a few twists to the left:
Bingo! There's the charging port! Now just plug in your flashlight with the included charger. When the light on the charger changes from red to green, it's done. The flange that twists is protected by O-rings on either end, so when properly closed the charging port should be waterproof. For those of you who may be concerned, a protection circuit is built into the battery pack for the Li-Ion cells.
Accessories: You can get replacement batteries (I couldn't get mine out...), replacement reflector assemblies, replacement lamp assemblies, and a 12V charging cord.
What I Liked: Water resistant, OK battery life, Very Bright, Rechargeable
What I Didn't Like: Nothing really.
Picky Little Things: Couldn't get the battery out - it's stuck in there pretty good!
Conclusions: I'm not sure why, other than possibly for legal reasons, G&P only wants this light used with Airsoft guns. It's super bright, easily rechargeable, and seems very solid. I would put it high on the list for one of the first lights to grab to investigate something that "goes bump in the night". When you hit the switch the output is instantaneous and spectacular, especially if you are on the receiving end. The fact that it's rechargeable means that it's a bit easier on the wallet and the environment.

R500S 1.900.000 (small)
R500 1.900.000

Quick Facts Table:

Item Reviewed            :    G&P Scorpion R500
Review Date            :    September 2006
Case Material            :    Anodized aluminum
Case Features            :    Cooling fins behind head, easy grip tailcap
Case Access Type        :    Unscrew tailcap
Switch Type            :    Tactical twist/press
Reflector Type            :    Aluminum textured
Lens Type            :    Plastic (?)
Bulb Type            :    High pressure xenon
Beam Type            :    Medium spot with spillbeam
Beam Characteristics        :    Very smooth, slightly oblong spot
Throw (Lux) at 1m        :    ~ 13000 at beam center. (114.02 Comparison Chart equivalent)
Overall Output            :    ~ 25000 (250.00 Comparison Chart equivalent)
Battery / Power Type        :    2200 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion
Battery Life (advertised)    :    40 min
Battery Life (test results)    :    46 min to 50% starting output
Environmental Protection    :    O-ring seals throughout
Weight (oz.) with batteries    :    12.9
Special Items of Note        :    Charger port on light itself